Clay Space 1205 is a haven for ceramic artists and lovers of clay nestled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This 3,000 square foot loft space is a fully equipped ceramic facility and gallery that fosters a creative, communal environment for clay artists to grow and thrive. We encourage those seeking to work with clay in a professional way as well as those who are simply curious about the medium.

Our members span the range of knowledge with expertise in areas of wheel throwing, hand building, sculpting, mold making, slip casting and glaze mixing. We work together to build ideas and products in the areas of functional pottery, decorative ceramics, architectural installations and clay sculpture. We welcome custom orders as we look to serve the professional community as well as private collectors. Our collections of work can be seen on our website or in our gallery by appointment.

From beginner to seasoned artisan, Clay Space 1205 offers unlimited opportunities for growth and development in a supportive, inspiring and welcoming environment.